Episode 15 “There’s a cat playing piano!”

We open with a sketch about- What is it about?  I believe it involved a cat playing piano.  Well who cares. Because Horus Flowerchild is back!  Then, the adventures of Alex of the north take a turn for the better, I mean not really, but wouldn’t that be nice?  Finally, Stimson heads out to the bar to pick up ladies with his new wingman Sergio from Ugabugabeckblagghagastan!


Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer

Alex Wolfe   –   Self / Alex of the North / Sergio / Outro

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Creepy Singer / Horus Flowerchild / Lady in Bar 2 / Lady in Bar 3

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Creepy Singer / Drug Addled Teen / Lady in Bar 1

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self / Horus’s Boss

Episode 14 “The Little Bunny Foo Foo Killer”

Ah the joy of reminiscing about high school.  Alex’s school involved uniforms. Beatings, prison rape and- wait…  Was this a high school!?  Then the program gets interrupted by the field mouse police department. Because yes, a killer by the name of little Bunny Foo Foo is on the loose.  The Adventures of Alex of the North descend into violence now that the tables have turned and Alex is currently at the mercy of his once faithful dog Stimson.  Then the Meta collapses in upon itself when Stimson and Alex break the fourth wall…  Then build a porch on the other side.


Stimson Snead   –   Self

Alex Wolfe   –   Self

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Commisoner Sqeakems / Outro

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / News Anchor /

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self / The Good Fairy /

Episode 13 “The Floor is Lava!”

THE FLOOR IS LAVA!  And Stimson and Alex are trapped on the playground, surrounded by the Lava!  For some odd reason, no else seems to see the Lava.  Meanwhile, tensions are growing between Alex of the North and his faithful dog Stimson.  Later, Stimson decides to reminisce with Alex about all the hot women he (and only he) has dated.  As for Horus, she celebrates her new job with the special man in her life.

Oh… and Bird Flu.



Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer /

Alex Wolfe   –   Self / Alex of the North / Mr. Mushnic

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Horus

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Cashier

Bjorn Whitney   –  Shopper / Outro

Episode 12 “Gingerly”

Ginger, ginger is everyway!  Which is the fun way of saying that Stimson and Alex make fun of Charissa:) I’m sure it can’t lead to terrible violence.  Finally, after eleven episodes focussed on Alex of the North, Faithful dog Stimson finally to take center stage!  Then… Well then, the episode gets weird.  Because Alex travelled to Eden and brewed Cider from the tree of knowledge.  Lastly, Alex and Stimson discuss the long term consequences of their life choices. Crippling poverty is a choice right?


Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer / Faithful Dog Stimson /

Alex Wolfe   –   Self

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Devil Self

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Outro

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self

Episode 11, “If you’re happy and you know it kill an innocent man”

In this episode Stimson is Happy and he knows it!  Much to Alex’s distress. (Seriously, this is the darkest opening sketch in the whole series!)  Then the adventures of Alex of the north continue into the snowy fields of despair.  Then Stimson and Alex go and check out the computer run restaurant of the future!  Spoilers, it’s terrible:)  And finally. Horus Flowerchild attempts to join the exciting world of professional journalism!  (this is a great Charissa Episode. Just saying ya’ll)


Stimson Snead – Self, Radio host, Faithful dog, Paper Editor,

Alex Wolfe – Self, Alex of the North, Outro,

Bjorn Whitney – Uncanny Valley Man,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro,

Heather Ward – Hooker Software,

Charissa Adams – Robot Waitress, Horus Flowerchild,

Episode 10, “Star-shmucks Coffee”

The Adventures, if we can call them that, of Chadwick Periwinkle continue this week as Chadwick tries to one up his brother Chevey in the space hero buisness.  Spoilers, he fails.  Then Alex of the North figures out how he might be able to game the system to his own benifit.  Finally, Stimson and Alex decide to patron the coffeeshop megaglamorite StarShmucks Coffee.  Whereupon a reasoable and not at all ridicules debate then follows.


Stimson Snead – Chadwick Periwinkle, Narrator, Self

Alex Wolfe – Captain Shorty-Lived, Alex of the North, Self

Bjorn Whitney – TACP host, Chevey Periwinkle, Coffee Bro,

Gene Thorkildson – Crewman,

Heather Ward – Hal E,

Charissa Adams – Small child,

Episode 9, “When a man says…”

Ever wonder what a man means when he says something stupid?  Of course you haven’t, no one has, but we’re gonna go for it anyway!  These translations are brought to you by the indomitable Heather Ward and the institution of sexual relations.  Then Alex of the north’s adventures continue into…  Snow.  Just snow and cold.  Then Stimson and Alex’s Vegas weekend comes to a brutal end and they both must face the afterlife.

Stimson Snead – Self, Desperate man, outro,

Alex Wolfe – Desperate man, Alex of the North, Self, outro,

Heather Ward – Institute representative, God,

Charissa Adams – Kamakazi Pomeranian Sled Dog, Terrified woman in the wrong study, The angel Gabrial,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro, Desperate man,

Bjorn Whitney – Desperate man, Dr. Tophattems Mcmustache,

Episode 8, “Alex Has Hot Coffee Poops”

It’s episode 8 and Alex needs to go to the bathroom.  Seriously, if this podcast is remembered for one sketch and only one sketch than let this be it.  Let, “Alex has hot coffee poops” be our epitaph.  But this episode just gets better, because this week features possibly the best Alex of the North sketch yet, when Alex must take on his nemesis, the wily Dr. TopHattums McMustach!  Then one little girl gets to remember her imaginary friend Mr. Huggy-time bear and then learn where all imaginary friends go.

Stimson Snead – Self, AOTN Narrator, Satan,

Alex Wolfe – Self, Alex of the north, Mr. Huggy-time Bear,

Bjorn Whitney – Dr. TopHattums McMustach, Outro

Charissa Adams – Tramatized little girl,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro, Evil father,

Heather Ward – Was not in the episode and clearly the podcast was lessor for her absence.  We will never make that mistake again.  Forgive us.

Episode 7, “It’s Raining Men!”

In this episode is raining men, it’s literally raining men and it is gruesome.  Then the adventures of Alex of the North reach a crescendo as he faces off against the fearsome duck thief of Ottawa!  And Chadwick Periwinkle returns to save the crew of the Oregon from being sucked into the event horizon of a black hole!  Finally a typical Irish father on the frontier must resolve the food crises the only way the Irish can…  With sadness.

Stimson Snead – Self, AOTN narrator, Chadwick Periwinkle, Sad Irish father,

Alex Wolfe – Self, Alex of the north, Captain Shorty Lived,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro, Falling men, Male crewmember,

Heather Ward – Hal E, Outro,

Bjorn – Falling men, Chevey Periwinkle,

Charissa Adams – TACP Narrator, Female crewmember,

Episode 6, This is your Captain Speaking

You know what’s funny?  Terrifying plane flights.  In this episode, we meet the four most horrifying pilots in aviation history in “This is your Captain Speaking”.  We suffer through a cable commercial for “Grinning Gregs Cable Company”.  “Alex of the North” prepares to face off against his arch nemesis and one struggling vegas parent will learn “Where the Hoes Goes”.

Stimson Snead- Captains 1, 2 & 4, Hungry Child 1, AOTN show host, Self,

Alex Wolfe- Captain 3, Hungry Child 2, Alex of the North, Self,

Gene Thorkilsen- Grinning Greg, Trever the Pimp, Credits,

Heather Ward- Dying mother, Duaghter 1,

Charissa Adams- Valley Girl, Duaghter 2, Lady on street,

Bjorn Whitney- Bro, Bouncer,