“Episode 1 is here! Omjesus!”

Welcome to the very first episode of S&A!  If you’re hoping it only gets better…  Well way to be positive, good for you!
In the tradition of Key & Peele, Mitchell & Webb and innumerable improve students not half as funny as they think they are, comes “S & A: with Stimson Snead and Alex Wolfe” a comedy podcast starring Stimson Snead and Alex Wolfe. It has been described, by Stimson, as “Possibly the greatest collection of writings ever to grace the english language!”  It has also been described, by Alex, as “The only known cure for herpes” and he’s a music major, so he would know.  Like being trapped in a long car ride with the two weirdest friends you have and all the voices in their heads, this is S&A.
A product of Catalyst Independents LLC, created by Stimson Snead.

In this episode: Stimson and Alex encounter Big Foot and are extremely disappointed, Stimson is sold on the Shame Sham,  Yogi and Boo Boo bear get into their relationship problems and Alex is taken to the gallows for his crimes.



Episode Credits:

Stimson Snead- Self, Boo Boo Bear, Excutioner, Credits

Alex Wolfe- Self, Yogi,

Gene Thorkildsen- Intro, Fast Talking Narrator,

Charissa Adams- Eager Audiance Member,

Heather Ward- Big Foot Narrator

Bjorn Whitney- Uncle Carl