“It’s Episode 2, Anybody listening yet!?”

You’re actually listening to us!?  Yaaaaaayyy!  Well this weeks episode will hopefully be even better than last week!  I mean…  Maybe it will, I don’t want to get your hopes up or anything.  In fact, it’s probably for the best if you just assume it’s gonna suck.  That way you can be pleasantly surprised if it’s even halfway decent.  Thank goodness for low expectations:)

In this episode: The Adventures of Alex of the north and his faithful dog Stimson, Yogi and Boo Boo’s relationship takes a disturbing turn and Steven calls into the suicide hotline.

Episode Credits:

Stimson Snead- Faithful dog Stimson, Boo Boo Bear, AOTN Narrator, Suicide hotline host,

Alex Wolfe- Alex of the North, Yogi, Steven,

Gene Thorkildsen- Intro, Virgil,

Charissa Adams- Debbie the computer, Wife, Credits

Heather Ward- Suicide hotline operator,

Bjorn Whitney- Sanji, Store owner, Paul Bunyun,