Episode 5, The Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle!

This is a great episode for a whole variety of personal reasons!  We open with a very special valentines day episode all about love, before we dive into the Adventures of “Alex of the North” and his faithful dog Stimson, leading at least to “Chadwick Periwinkle: Inaction Hero” the audio adaptation of the webseries of the same name from 2011.  We round it out with a public service message on the dangers of marijuana and call it good for episode five.  Remember, write a review if you’re enjoying the podcast and share it with your friends!   It means worlds to us.


Stimson Snead- Narrator, Announcer, Chadwick Periwinkle, Stoner,

Alex Wolfe- Nerd, Alex of the North, Chadwick Intro, Stoner 2, Credits,

Heather Ward- Lisa, Eskimo, Hal-E,

Bjorn Whitney- Banished Prince, Chevey Periwinkle, Public service advisor,

Gene Thorkilsen- Baron Von Nazty Kins

Charissa Adam- wasn’t actually in this episode, but she’s both awesome and an intrical part of the team so yay Charissa!