Episode 6, This is your Captain Speaking

You know what’s funny?  Terrifying plane flights.  In this episode, we meet the four most horrifying pilots in aviation history in “This is your Captain Speaking”.  We suffer through a cable commercial for “Grinning Gregs Cable Company”.  “Alex of the North” prepares to face off against his arch nemesis and one struggling vegas parent will learn “Where the Hoes Goes”.

Stimson Snead- Captains 1, 2 & 4, Hungry Child 1, AOTN show host, Self,

Alex Wolfe- Captain 3, Hungry Child 2, Alex of the North, Self,

Gene Thorkilsen- Grinning Greg, Trever the Pimp, Credits,

Heather Ward- Dying mother, Duaghter 1,

Charissa Adams- Valley Girl, Duaghter 2, Lady on street,

Bjorn Whitney- Bro, Bouncer,