Episode 9, “When a man says…”

Ever wonder what a man means when he says something stupid?  Of course you haven’t, no one has, but we’re gonna go for it anyway!  These translations are brought to you by the indomitable Heather Ward and the institution of sexual relations.  Then Alex of the north’s adventures continue into…  Snow.  Just snow and cold.  Then Stimson and Alex’s Vegas weekend comes to a brutal end and they both must face the afterlife.

Stimson Snead – Self, Desperate man, outro,

Alex Wolfe – Desperate man, Alex of the North, Self, outro,

Heather Ward – Institute representative, God,

Charissa Adams – Kamakazi Pomeranian Sled Dog, Terrified woman in the wrong study, The angel Gabrial,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro, Desperate man,

Bjorn Whitney – Desperate man, Dr. Tophattems Mcmustache,