Episode 11, “If you’re happy and you know it kill an innocent man”

In this episode Stimson is Happy and he knows it!  Much to Alex’s distress. (Seriously, this is the darkest opening sketch in the whole series!)  Then the adventures of Alex of the north continue into the snowy fields of despair.  Then Stimson and Alex go and check out the computer run restaurant of the future!  Spoilers, it’s terrible:)  And finally. Horus Flowerchild attempts to join the exciting world of professional journalism!  (this is a great Charissa Episode. Just saying ya’ll)


Stimson Snead – Self, Radio host, Faithful dog, Paper Editor,

Alex Wolfe – Self, Alex of the North, Outro,

Bjorn Whitney – Uncanny Valley Man,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro,

Heather Ward – Hooker Software,

Charissa Adams – Robot Waitress, Horus Flowerchild,