Episode 12 “Gingerly”

Ginger, ginger is everyway!  Which is the fun way of saying that Stimson and Alex make fun of Charissa:) I’m sure it can’t lead to terrible violence.  Finally, after eleven episodes focussed on Alex of the North, Faithful dog Stimson finally to take center stage!  Then… Well then, the episode gets weird.  Because Alex travelled to Eden and brewed Cider from the tree of knowledge.  Lastly, Alex and Stimson discuss the long term consequences of their life choices. Crippling poverty is a choice right?


Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer / Faithful Dog Stimson /

Alex Wolfe   –   Self

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Devil Self

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Outro

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self