Episode 13 “The Floor is Lava!”

THE FLOOR IS LAVA!  And Stimson and Alex are trapped on the playground, surrounded by the Lava!  For some odd reason, no else seems to see the Lava.  Meanwhile, tensions are growing between Alex of the North and his faithful dog Stimson.  Later, Stimson decides to reminisce with Alex about all the hot women he (and only he) has dated.  As for Horus, she celebrates her new job with the special man in her life.

Oh… and Bird Flu.



Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer /

Alex Wolfe   –   Self / Alex of the North / Mr. Mushnic

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Horus

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Cashier

Bjorn Whitney   –  Shopper / Outro