Episode 14 “The Little Bunny Foo Foo Killer”

Ah the joy of reminiscing about high school.  Alex’s school involved uniforms. Beatings, prison rape and- wait…  Was this a high school!?  Then the program gets interrupted by the field mouse police department. Because yes, a killer by the name of little Bunny Foo Foo is on the loose.  The Adventures of Alex of the North descend into violence now that the tables have turned and Alex is currently at the mercy of his once faithful dog Stimson.  Then the Meta collapses in upon itself when Stimson and Alex break the fourth wall…  Then build a porch on the other side.


Stimson Snead   –   Self

Alex Wolfe   –   Self

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Commisoner Sqeakems / Outro

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / News Anchor /

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self / The Good Fairy /