Episode 15 “There’s a cat playing piano!”

We open with a sketch about- What is it about?  I believe it involved a cat playing piano.  Well who cares. Because Horus Flowerchild is back!  Then, the adventures of Alex of the north take a turn for the better, I mean not really, but wouldn’t that be nice?  Finally, Stimson heads out to the bar to pick up ladies with his new wingman Sergio from Ugabugabeckblagghagastan!


Stimson Snead   –   Self / Old Timey Radio Announcer

Alex Wolfe   –   Self / Alex of the North / Sergio / Outro

Charissa Adams   –   Self / Creepy Singer / Horus Flowerchild / Lady in Bar 2 / Lady in Bar 3

Gene Thorkildson  –  Intro

Heather Ward   –   Self / Creepy Singer / Drug Addled Teen / Lady in Bar 1

Bjorn Whitney   –   Self / Horus’s Boss