Episode 5, The Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle!

This is a great episode for a whole variety of personal reasons!  We open with a very special valentines day episode all about love, before we dive into the Adventures of “Alex of the North” and his faithful dog Stimson, leading at least to “Chadwick Periwinkle: Inaction Hero” the audio adaptation of the webseries of the same name from 2011.  We round it out with a public service message on the dangers of marijuana and call it good for episode five.  Remember, write a review if you’re enjoying the podcast and share it with your friends!   It means worlds to us.


Stimson Snead- Narrator, Announcer, Chadwick Periwinkle, Stoner,

Alex Wolfe- Nerd, Alex of the North, Chadwick Intro, Stoner 2, Credits,

Heather Ward- Lisa, Eskimo, Hal-E,

Bjorn Whitney- Banished Prince, Chevey Periwinkle, Public service advisor,

Gene Thorkilsen- Baron Von Nazty Kins

Charissa Adam- wasn’t actually in this episode, but she’s both awesome and an intrical part of the team so yay Charissa!

Episode 4, Yogi Bear looses it!

In this episode, Stimson first gets some good old fashioned begging on.  Then Alex deals with an internet capable hammer.  Later, Captain Ahab finally brings the battle to Moby dick as the London times food critic checks out a certain popular pie shop located beneath Sweeney Todds barbar shop.  Also making an appearance is Alex of the north and faithful dog Stimson, and the saga of Yogi and Boo Boo domestic abuse reaches its heartfelt conclusion.

Episode Credits: Created by Stimson Snead, written by and starring Stimson Snead and Alex Wolfe,  featuring Charissa Adams, Gene Thorkildsen, Bjorn Whitney and Heather Ward, Produced by David Flanagan, Web support by David Purdy, recorded by Jam Recording Company.

“Episode 3, it has puns!”

Yes it’s true!  Just what you’ve always wanted, lots and lots of puns…

Might even call this one… Punishing!


In this episode: Alex dies and Stimson is huanted by his ghost, Yogi and Boo Boo share their problems with ranger rick, Dougless Fur uncovers a terrible murder and the adventures of Alex of the north and his faithful dog Stimson continue!

Episode Credits:

Stimson Snead- Faithful dog Stimson, Boo Boo Bear, AOTN Narrator, Dectective Dougless Fur,

Alex Wolfe- Alex of the North, Yogi, Tree Farmer,

Gene Thorkildsen- Intro,

Charissa Adams- Self

Bjorn Whitney- Ranger Rick,

“It’s Episode 2, Anybody listening yet!?”

You’re actually listening to us!?  Yaaaaaayyy!  Well this weeks episode will hopefully be even better than last week!  I mean…  Maybe it will, I don’t want to get your hopes up or anything.  In fact, it’s probably for the best if you just assume it’s gonna suck.  That way you can be pleasantly surprised if it’s even halfway decent.  Thank goodness for low expectations:)

In this episode: The Adventures of Alex of the north and his faithful dog Stimson, Yogi and Boo Boo’s relationship takes a disturbing turn and Steven calls into the suicide hotline.

Episode Credits:

Stimson Snead- Faithful dog Stimson, Boo Boo Bear, AOTN Narrator, Suicide hotline host,

Alex Wolfe- Alex of the North, Yogi, Steven,

Gene Thorkildsen- Intro, Virgil,

Charissa Adams- Debbie the computer, Wife, Credits

Heather Ward- Suicide hotline operator,

Bjorn Whitney- Sanji, Store owner, Paul Bunyun,

“The Arrival” Mini Episode

This week Stimson picks up Alex from the airport and then they conspire to come up with ways to promote their podcast!

Between every full episode of S & A, we will be featuring a short mini episode (like this one) that will give  show updates and some of that sweet S&A action you love!



“Episode 1 is here! Omjesus!”

Welcome to the very first episode of S&A!  If you’re hoping it only gets better…  Well way to be positive, good for you!
In the tradition of Key & Peele, Mitchell & Webb and innumerable improve students not half as funny as they think they are, comes “S & A: with Stimson Snead and Alex Wolfe” a comedy podcast starring Stimson Snead and Alex Wolfe. It has been described, by Stimson, as “Possibly the greatest collection of writings ever to grace the english language!”  It has also been described, by Alex, as “The only known cure for herpes” and he’s a music major, so he would know.  Like being trapped in a long car ride with the two weirdest friends you have and all the voices in their heads, this is S&A.
A product of Catalyst Independents LLC, created by Stimson Snead.

In this episode: Stimson and Alex encounter Big Foot and are extremely disappointed, Stimson is sold on the Shame Sham,  Yogi and Boo Boo bear get into their relationship problems and Alex is taken to the gallows for his crimes.



Episode Credits:

Stimson Snead- Self, Boo Boo Bear, Excutioner, Credits

Alex Wolfe- Self, Yogi,

Gene Thorkildsen- Intro, Fast Talking Narrator,

Charissa Adams- Eager Audiance Member,

Heather Ward- Big Foot Narrator

Bjorn Whitney- Uncle Carl