Episode 7, “It’s Raining Men!”

In this episode is raining men, it’s literally raining men and it is gruesome.  Then the adventures of Alex of the North reach a crescendo as he faces off against the fearsome duck thief of Ottawa!  And Chadwick Periwinkle returns to save the crew of the Oregon from being sucked into the event horizon of a black hole!  Finally a typical Irish father on the frontier must resolve the food crises the only way the Irish can…  With sadness.

Stimson Snead – Self, AOTN narrator, Chadwick Periwinkle, Sad Irish father,

Alex Wolfe – Self, Alex of the north, Captain Shorty Lived,

Gene Thorkildson – Intro, Falling men, Male crewmember,

Heather Ward – Hal E, Outro,

Bjorn – Falling men, Chevey Periwinkle,

Charissa Adams – TACP Narrator, Female crewmember,